Hey y’all, I’m Julee Brown, proud boss lady over at CreativeSuites, LLC, a graphic and web design business based in Michigan. Bet a coupleof thoughts crossed your mind when you saw that intro. One : “Downtown JuleeBrown” rings a bell if you’re seasoned enough. Two: “Wait, ‘y’all’ in Michigan?”Yep, blame it on my roots for peppering my speech with some Southern charm.
Let’s rewind to high school days when dreams were big but clarity was lacking. It wasn’t until 2001, a lifetime after high school, that I finally found my passion. However, I had a family,  was studying for another career, and the risk seemed too steep. So, I shelved my dreams while I juggled family life while moonlighting in the medical world, until I finally said goodbye to my business manager gig and dove headfirst into my passion in 2022.  

I absolutely love the creative process, but more than that, I'm all about being the wind beneath your business wings. Have you ever witnessed the pure joy light up someone's face when they are doing what they love? That is what keeps me going.

How many of us small business owners follow our passion to start a business only to be buried under a mountain of to-dos just to keep our dreams going? That’s where I come in!!! I’m not here to reinvent your passion, I am here to keep your momentum going.

I’m not a big business with loads of staff, I am right here in the business trenches with you. I get the struggle of balancing working in your business versus on it. With years as a business manager and a lifetime devoted to design, we can make both of our dreams come true.

So, what do you think? Am I the ally your business needs? If the answer is yes, please hit the button below and set up a time to talk virtually or face-to-face. If the answer is no, please hit the button below and set up a time to talk. I would love to know why I am the ally you need. Maybe,I didn’t mention something specific you are looking for and I really can help you.
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